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04128, Ukraine, Kyiv,
26B Boryspilsky Str
tel./fax: (38044) 566 0142
Rambler's Top100


SKYLARK has developed its own methodology of design,
production and testing of the modern ram-air canopies. Currently
we offer 4 models of highly efficient main canopies for different purposes:
SKIPPER - a 7-cell versatile canopy,
MAGELLAN - a 9-cell popular medium-class canopy, and
ODYSSEY - a 9-cell high-performance canopy.
COMMODORE the youngest addition to the family - our student canopy.

Creation of these series was preceded by in-depth study of the theory of ram-air
parachutes. We have built our own tech-data database of the most popular canopies
of the past decades. Using special software we perform thorough assessment of
the existing canopy models, and - what is even more important - we find theways to
optimizetheirflight performance!

The first test jumps with our newly created prototype showed the effectiveness of our calculation methods and precision of our computer models! Our further work was - diligent refinement of the flight performance. Jump after jump we have gradually improved the behavior of each new model of our canopies as well as upgraded the tailoring technology.

As a result, SKYLARK canopies haveproved to bethe products of high quality and outstanding performance!

Any use of texts, photos, order forms and their fragments without the written approval of owner TM SKYLARK is forbidden!

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